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Real-Estate - Buy and Selling Houses

Buying and Selling Houses

Whether you are buying or selling a house, condo or co-op, it is important to seek legal assistance. Real estate transactions are complex and they involve a large amount of money, so there are potential for fraud, deception, and mistakes. Therefore, having a reliable attorney can help you smoothly navigate through this complex process with peace of mind.

We represent both buyers and sellers of residential properties.

Our legal services include:

  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing your purchase and sale agreement.
  • Coordinating and securing finance.
  • Obtaining clear title to property.
  • Seeking title insurance.
  • Representing you at the closing.
  • Giving you a complete closing package.
  • Recording your deed with the Office City Register.
  • Transfer of Property (Quitclaim Deed)
  • Refinance

Attorney Jamling is here to help you complete your deals swiftly and successfully. Avoid yourself from getting caught in a bad deal by contacting us!

Real-Estate - Buy and Selling Houses

Settlement Agent Services

Attorney Jamling represents banks and lending institutions as a settlement agent. We examine contracts through your lenses and protect your best interests. We make sure your mortgage transactions do not get hold up due to negligence, missing documents, or fraudulent practices. As your settlement agent, we complete your mortgage transactions with utmost care and competence. Our goal is to deliver you quality and timely service.

Our team loves representing lenders. Let’s start working together today!

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